• Image of True Lovers - Blessed Are The Lovesick (CD)
  • Image of True Lovers - Blessed Are The Lovesick (CD)

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CD, limited to 200 copies
Release date 28.5.2021

True Lovers is modern day vampires playing early 2000's American rock with 1980's post-punk attitude, wearing nothing but leather and sunglasses. ‘Blessed are the lovesick’ is their tribute to the eternal power of unrequited love.

"In True Lovers, the songs tend to find a mixture of the overly romantic side of the late 80's Whitesnake combined with melancholic longing on a level of Karl Freund's 1932 directorial masterpiece ‘The Mummy’. On the other hand some songs feast like preying vampire to unrelenting ministryesque pounding."

True Lovers is based around compositions by Mikko13, member of hardcore act Ravage Ritual. Live line-up is completed with members of Supreme Havoc, PH etc.

01. My own worst enemy
02. Bleeding heart
03. Enforcer
04. Royalty
05. Phoenix down
06. Rain city
07. Black tiger
08. Night sky
09. Heavy tears