• Image of Dark Buddha Rising - Live at Roadburn 2012 (Cassette)

Known from their black psychedelic art and performances, the group has gained major acceptance beyond borders. They are now serving you a unique glimpse of their previous guidelines as presented in this 2012 one-of-a-kind event. An event in which minds were trembled and all mountains shook up.

“I stood anxiously awaiting the Finnish hordes’ arrival into an increasingly crowded Green Room. What followed was easily the most disturbing, theatrical and downright scary performance I’ve ever witnessed at this festival. The claustrophobia caused by the cramped room, the smoke and the volume was disorientating.”

- Saúl Do Caixão of The Sleeping Shaman

Ashtakra II
N pt 1

N pt 2
Ashtakra I

Recorded live at Roadburn Festival on April 14th 2012.

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